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08 May

Common Mistakes Made at the Online Poker Tables

Common Mistakes Made at the Online Poker Tables

Common Mistakes Made at the Online Poker Tables

Even if you think you are playing tight and have mastered the art of pot odds, you are probably making mistakes at the online poker that are slowing eating away at your bankroll. To make things turn around on a dime, first you have to identify the mistakes that you are making, then you just make simple changes so that you are not falling back on those bad habits again.


Here are some of the more common mistakes that you are making at the online poker tables.


When you flash your hole cards at the poker tables online, you give the rest of the table some free information about your play that they are going to be using down the road to come back and punish you eventually.


Too many distractions in your game means that you are missing key betting opportunities and the others are picking apart your chip stack. Start by cleaning up your environment, meaning you sit in a place that is clear of noise. Turn off the TV, get off Facebook, and hang up with your friends on the phone right now before you play poker online.


Look at the table about you are playing at, chances are pretty good you are at the wrong table and you are going to go broke after the next bad beat. Dropping down a table amount will have you playing weaker opponents and the game speed will be much slower too.


If you are not bluffing, you are not gaining any ground. Start small by bluffing for the blinds, and then get that experience under your belt because you will see other opportunities in time if you are looking closely.


Don't allow these mistakes to kill your chance of becoming a better player, you can turn things around today with just a little work. Click on situs poker online for more details.

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